Epic Journeys





Companion pieces, the latest paintings developed in the studio this final week of March, 2014, intensely-colored variety of fish in a world of surrealistic turmoil, yet they calmly float and drift through the morass of unpredictable energy free from the perception of gravity, they live only in the moment.

[Special thanks to Maria Mendoza]


Group Therapy


Again there is a dualistic appearance open to subjective interpretation in this piece, compositionally a certain proximity might bring feelings of anxiety for the introvert who witnesses a bunch of fish ganging up on the weirdo in the middle, while the actualized extrovert may see this as a lively conversation, a diverse school of fish talking about their situation.

Beneath The Horizon


Part of my fascination with these small-scale watercolor collage paintings is that they represent a vast expanse of ocean yet also appear to resemble an aquarium tank, the dualistic nature of this metaphor of containment is very appealing.

It could be a matter of attitude or perception, a Rorschach test for the viewer to see abundant space or confined space, brightly-colored fish in a beautiful environment or mutated fish in a hostile ocean.