Zeitgeist [2015] – 11 x 14″ – spraypaint, watercolor, ink and collage on paper
Zeitgeist [2015] – 11 x 14″ – spraypaint, watercolor, ink and collage on paper
So much more to do and enjoy in the studio! These pieces have taken on a theatrical element that I have enjoyed since traveling to Italy for two months back in 2005, I got immersed in library research, sketching architectural facades and creating some small layered works I referred to as “teatrini”

These little theatrical stage sets provide an arena for dramatic juxtaposition of figures and in this case I like the sense of containment, suggesting that the fish are confined to an aquarium, perhaps bringing to light the idea of their environment encroaching upon their lives due to the many forces at work, even though it is portrayed here as naturalistic.

I’m expanding visually on the themes from the Gone Fission series a year ago, delving into some new silhouettes, new saturated colors in media including inks as well as watercolors, and generally coming full circle to the point where I look forward to once again shooting photos of the works in progress to create more stop-motion video within this humble realm.

Another common thread within this series that continues to fascinate me is the intrigue of compositional tension, the lovely negative spaces defined by pointy fins and seductive curves, with each compositional study there is a joyful sense of blurring those boundaries between representation and abstraction, and I look forward to continuing with that as a recurring component of these multi-layered works.

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