Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle [2014] – 24 x 36″ – spray paint on wood panel
Bermuda Triangle [2014] – 24 x 36″ – spray paint on wood panel
Here is a large intense piece completed in late 2014, recently included in my solo exhibition Aquasphere: Immersion at the Waldorf School of Baltimore.

A dark environment, visually and metaphorically, these creatures are lost and encapsulated in the turmoil resulting from centuries of assault by human industry, yet there is still a beautiful optimism and clarity in the undersea world.

I can almost feel the indifference of nature, the fish will adapt to any environmental invasion no matter how bizarre, they will evolve, mutate and thrive without passing value judgements, but we know there are alternatives, conservation efforts no matter how inadequate will continue to grow in order to try and mitigate the damage.

Meanwhile the fish keep swimming through their altered state, bright colors and high contrast provide connotations of radioactivity and electromagnetic fields, an underwater urban environment neutralized by rising sea levels, giant fish thriving in the post-apocalyptic Atlantis that represents one possible future.

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