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Lexicon Of Alignment

Lexicon Of Alignment (2016)  18 x 18"  acrylic on wood panel
Lexicon Of Alignment (2016) 18 x 18″ acrylic on wood panel

My paintings are often intended to explore dualistic themes such as entropy and sustainability, alignment and chaos, geometric and organic forms, and designed to expand the visual lexicon of pattern recognition in a surrealistic, technological theme of prosthetic telepathy, the assimilation of consciousness into technology.

This is my first new painting for 2016, the beginning of a new series of free-style studies delving into the above ideas, thinking abstractly, picking up where I left off and mixing techniques and ideas old and new.

White Space


I am experimenting with the watercolor backgrounds, papers and environments, how they appear based on the technical aspects, such as pages cropped to a full bleed (image continues to the edge of the page) as opposed to the more ethereal treatment of some white space around the soft edges of the painted area as above.

These originals are available for sale and the framing would depend on whether you put it under a mat and cover the edges, or take an image like the one above and float it on a mat so that the edges of the paper remain visible, it’s a nice look that to me conveys the idea that the water continues beyond the picture plane into that dreamlike space.