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Psychic Archive

Psychic Archive (2016) 18 x 18" acrylic on wood panel
Psychic Archive (2016) 18 x 18″ acrylic on wood panel

Architecture filtered through a prism of memory and science fiction, this painting conjures a technological framework, yet explores the depths of composition and structure, while still expanding beyond the boundaries of logic.

It’s always a voyage of discovery to work through a color palette and then narrow it down or choose to refine those choices until completion, there’s a certain sense of containment and poetic minimalism, integrated with an explosive and intriguing puzzle.

Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae (2016) 24 x 18" acrylic on wood panel
Dramatis Personae (2016) 24 x 18″ acrylic on wood panel

Challenges abound, this piece I built up with multiple layers in a painterly expressionistic expansion that became really beautiful, and the imposition of geometry necessarily transformed the composition, yet it became something more, a literary metaphor, or as the title suggests, an exploration of subconscious facets of personality;

sometimes these pieces reveal the personalities concealed or integrated within our psyche, and as a painter you are not only an individual, you are also tuned in to a collective psychology, there is a theatrical quality to the drama of everyday life, and it comes alive through paintings like this one.

Seismic Splashdown

Seismic Splashdown (2016) 20 x 16" acrylic on wood panel
Seismic Splashdown (2016) 20 x 16″ acrylic on wood panel

Another involved architectural painting with compositional focus way off center, some labyrinthine constructivist central elements floating above an intricate, organic underpainting

I feel there is a strong dualistic poetry there, and the intersubjective transference characteristic of our current times and emergence into spring, chaotic world news, urban dynamics, so many powerful social forces of upheaval

Perhaps being immersed in journalism also plays a role, as Arts & Culture Editor for What Weekly, I’ve been meeting a dozen or more new artists and writers each month since last October, assigning, writing and photographing new developments in Baltimore theatre, literature, architecture, visual art and other areas, so coming off of a hiatus from painting after the Aquasphere series, I have a lot to express through these new paintings.


new exhibition at Joe Squared

Aquasphere:Evolution at Joe Squared, North Avenue, Baltimore
Aquasphere:Evolution at Joe Squared, North Avenue, Baltimore

Today I installed this new exhibition at Joe Squared restaurant and bar (North Avenue, Baltimore, where I have been going since they opened ten years ago across the street from my old studio building, this show has been a long time in development and I am super excited about it.

Twenty-two paintings from three different series of these aquatic art works spanning the past year and a half, a lot of brand-new work exhibited here for the first time, and all for sale at prices from $100 to $300  …  see more posts below for details

More pix coming soon, please stop by and check it out, reception date to be announced …


Democracy Now

Democracy Now [2014] – 20 x 30″ – spraypaint on wood panel
Democracy Now [2014] – 20 x 30″ – spraypaint on wood panel
This intricate machinery underlying civilization demonstrates interconnectedness, granularity and the inherent conflict resulting from a wrench in the works, another street art-inspired howl from the denizens of the deep, even as they/we harness the frustration of containment and continue in pursuit of learning.

Salsa Night

Salsa Night [2014] – 18 x 24″ – spray paint on wood panel
Salsa Night [2014] – 18 x 24″ – spray paint on wood panel
I look for patterns of movement within the painted surface, to bring out the silhouettes of fish I can see there as if they were already swimming in that space, and use color to enhance those patterns and establish a sense of natural movement, in this process of composition is the wabi-sabi of technical inclinations and gestural intuition, and it makes me want to swim with the fish.